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Sticking Out or Sticking To It

Top 10 Tips for the Socially Sensitive Green Detoxer

- By Ildiko Brunner

green smoothies, detox, and dining out

We all have this innate need to fit in, to be part of the whole and be accepted as we are. Then one day we make a decision to improve our health and embark on the journey to detox or cleanse for a week, a whole month or however long it maybe.

While some of you might have an easier time withstanding those curious and quite often disapproving stares as you sip your smoothie, I know from personal experience how isolated we can feel due to the personal choices we make about the foods we eat — especially if those choices go against the norm.

And how about those work lunches and power meetings at your favourite restaurants? Not to mention all those invitations by friends or family to attend birthday parties or any other celebration? Taking care of your health is important but it should not turn you into a hermit, prevent you from taking part in outings you previously enjoyed , or alienate you at work.

Following is the list of some of my top 10 tips that will help you to conquer any work or social situation with total confidence and ease:

hide your green smoothies1 )“Camouflage” your smoothie or your green juice and enjoy them from the same cups provided at your workplace. While working at Starbucks I transferred my green smoothies to the cold cups we used for the blended ice drinks. I cannot tell you the amount of compliments and questions I received from my coworkers or customers. They were quite often jealous of my emerald beverage and repeatedly inquired about when it will be available on the menu.At the office, you could sip your green drinks from a coffee cup and have a blast! I am quite sure you could even sneak in your green drinks to a regular restaurant and not feel guilty about consuming them there, as long as you also order something small, as you will see a bit later.

2 ) Be prepared and scout out all the options available to you. We all know how hard it can be to log around gallons of juice or smoothie, so be creative, look for a juice bar, a raw take-out place and find out if you can purchase your daily dose of green goodness from them. If all else fails, and if you will have to carry your food supply for the day with you to work, make sure you bring enough and that you will be able to keep the smoothies or juices cold.

3) Eat before you go out if you have to take part in a social event. This will help you to be able to resist any temptation and stick with your plan! Those cheese puffs or tasty hors-d-oeuvres will quite frankly stop looking like food. You will be able to enjoy the occasion, the company of others without the pressure of having to eat. Trust me, I have been there, and found it a truly amazing experience.
celebrate wins, not mistakes

4) Be flexible and just enjoy the process. If you do partake in a bite of something that is not exactly on the list of things to eat while on your detox but is relatively healthy, it will not make or break the process that you are going through. Remember, you are on this journey detoxifying, one fail is just that, one fail, keep going! Don’t use this one incidence to justify totally giving up.

5) Call ahead and make sure where you are going has some food alternatives you can be happy with. Most restaurants today have all the ingredients to make a delicious salad or simple platter with vegan, vegetarian fares.

6) If they cannot accommodate your dietary requests, order a simple dish and just nibble on it, even if you are not planning on eating the whole meal. You will at least be able to participate in the outing and not feel forced to answer any questions that may arise. Make sure you also stay hydrated, (this is the number one rule on any cleanse), and sip on water with some lemon in it. Hydration will keep you satiated and satisfied for longer periods of time between your smoothies and other green drinks.

7) If you are faced with organizing a social outing, why not suggest a raw or vegan place to stay hydratedmeet your friends or hold your work meetings at. You might get a pleasant surprise at how open your coworkers or friends turn out be to try something totally different or new.

8 ) Stay focused on the goal you have set for yourself, the days you committed to doing this cleanse. You will not be in this process for the rest of your life and putting things into this perspective makes whatever hardship you are experiencing socially so much easier to conquer. Why not set a reward, a special treat ahead of time, like a nice new dress, a new high-tech gadget or anything you desire to give yourself that well-deserved reward for accomplishing something this meaningful that will have a positive effect on your health

invite a friend to detox with you
9) Invite a co-worker or friend to follow the detox with you; this can be a great help in keeping you accountable and committed to the program. The buddy system is really what makes most successful programs stand out from the rest in the way they make people succeed.

10) If you are invited to a party offer to bring something as simple as a platter of fruits and veggies and just observe how popular that will be. There is something so inviting and appetizing about those nutritious, yet simple foods. Cucumber slices, carrot sticks and fresh fruit of any kind are the most natural finger foods!

My last and most valuable advice I would like to leave you with ( I know, I promised to give you 10, but this one I just could not do without) is to share only your enthusiasm about your food choices and not your disapproval of what others are eating whenever you interact with your family, friends or coworkers.

It is inevitable that questions will arise; comments will be made about what you are or not eating or drinking. Now, instead of giving people an exhausting and sometimes quite offensive take on why their food choices will surely make them sick or destroy our the environment, why not just be the change you want to see in people?

I love green smoothies!

When people notice your shrinking waistline, glowing skin and improved energy, they will be intrigued and will most likely ask you for more clarification on what exactly are you doing. This will be the most suitable occasion to get into more details on what you are doing and give them all they are ready to hear and absorb at that point.

They will surely be more open to receive any information you serve up to them this way.


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